The Dragon Head is the owner and maximum authority within the organization. This Rank can only be passed upon succession and/or an elder vote.

The Elder rank is achieve by those who manage the organization with excellence, usually given to those members chosen by the Dragon Head himself, or that were Dragon Heads themselves.

The process of joining is not complicated; all you need to do is message the Crew Leader on Social Club in the following link , explaining why you want to join. Once we have decided whether or not we want you in the team, there will be a little initiation ceremony, which will require you to complete certain task.

Please note that we are only accepting members on the PC, PSN and XBL that will set Cheng Triads as their active crew.

The following are the rules of honor set from most important to lowest (We are aware of the 36 oaths, we are not going to be enforcing 36 rules, but the ones we enforce we will be very strict):

Vanguards are very prestigious members that serve as marketing advisors and propaganda distributors. They are in charge of propagating information about the organization through different media and serve as pillars of communication between initiates and the organization, they are direct representatives of the Triads and function as ambassadors to the crew. They are also in charge of planning and bringing new ideas that will improve the efficiency of the crew.

The Incense Master is a ceremonies leader that handles recruitment. By honor and right they are given the rank of CEO. Their duties are to handle recruitment and expulsions from the organization. They are expected to work towards increasing the roster size of the organization and create a team of recruiters. They are also required to know the 10 oaths better than any other member, and to lead by example.

Deputy Mountain Masters are direct "on-field" leaders that are in charge of handling divisions and to manage groups of members. Their duties involve ensuring unity and activity within the organization. They are in charge of keeping lobbies full of members. They are also CEO's and are expected to have leading potential.

The Straw Sandals intervene between disputes across members of the same rank, and also serve as messengers to those in the higher ranks. They are the ones that provide mass messages to lower end members, or provide private messages to from lower members to higher ranks when a specific members needs a situation taken care of, they are well known liaison officers.

The Red Poles are the direct enforcers of the Deputies, and must always ensure that the 10 oaths are followed, they decide whether to be lenient or to be strict, but at the end, the inclination must be followed, as they report directly to the Deputies.

The White Paper Fan ranks is given to those members that create a division in a specific console, or serve as general administrators within a specific platform. WPF's are usually given the CFO (Chief of Financial Officer) and are in direct charge of smaller groups of Triads.

49ers are hired soldiers within the crew, they are no less important than higher ranks, as they represent the strengths of the walls of China in their number and firepower. 49ers Have already been initiated and are official part of the crew.

Blue Lanterns are those who took an interest in the crew, but have yet to complete their 10 oath commitment and get in contact with the respective officer. They also serve as soldiers but are not expected to be as loyal as initiates.

Since the new update the minigame has been canceled, the reason for this is that its popularity

was not as expected. The minigame proved a worthy tool to measure both activity ingame and outside, however it was decided that the resource would be better used in other measurements.

Both territories marked on the map are HQ (Head Quarters) where members generally gather to take a break. Kho Korean Noodle House near the heliport or Dreamtower near the Chinese Honors Garden. The map on the left represents the entire area covered by the Cheng.



As per the game, anybody can become a VIP, however unit reserves are saved for real VIPs within the crew. These are usually members that have the status of CEO. CEOs are squad leaders within the Cheng Triads.

Other CEOs can create alternate organizations, but the encouraged name is "Cheng Triads", they are encouraged to join members together in order to form groups, hiring those bodyguards that excel in the battlefield.

Bodyguards in the other hand are encouraged to show their best abilities towards protecting the VIPs as this is reason for leaders to give promotions.

Under no circumstance you should kill another Cheng VIP even if you are not part of the same organization, as VIP leaders it is imperative that you name your organization after our crew "Cheng Triads".

In order to reduce the amount of time it takes members to get initiated, the initiation has been reduced to watching a video. To be initiated please watch the following video. Once initiated send a message to the leader telling him about your thoughts.  In addition you must ensure to hire 2 kin brothers to guide you and help you in anything you need, so that you can also grow the power of the crew and your power within the crew. If however you would like to perform an incense ceremony, let us know.


1) Watch video

2) Hire 2 members into the Cheng Triads.

What are we shooting for:

As seen in the movies, news papers, other GTA videogames and photos Triads wear formal-wear (at least males do)

Uniforms were created in order to apply Lore to our crew. Please represent the crew the way you should.

All Ranks:

Female formal wear is entirely optional, but if you are shooting for a respectable and business looking attire, the female version is fairly similar to the male. Business top with a black shirt, black mini skirt, and black heels.


All Ranks:

members are required to wear a black suit with a black shirt and black gloves. This is to represent the funerals that will occur when enemies are dealt with. Ties are entirely optional. Tuxedos are preferred and tight clothing is more elegant than loose. 

No bow ties please.

If unsure, go to cashier and obtain the open black tuxedo under "open high life" category.


Uniform Policy:

While Uniforms are not a reason for bans, they are a reason for promotions. Lt's and Commissioners will take note of those members wearing the proper attire during matches. Just like the "Accepted Vehicles" The "Uniforms" are an important representation of the crew. If you are proud of what this crew has accomplished be proud of what it represents also. We are a corporation, hence we would dress formally to represent wealth.

Rules of thumb:

Males: Wear a black business suit with a black shirt.

Females: Females are not required to wear formal clothes, but are encouraged to because that will distinguish them from a typical party girl to a business women. Same attire as males apply to women with the difference that they wear miniskirts. 

Higher Rank Officials are encouraged to enforce these dress-code rules to the best of their ability, if needed refer them to this section.

Uniforms were created in order to apply Lore to our crew. Please represent the crew the way you should.


While this vehicle is easily outperformed, It represents a brand of executive power filled with wealth. Enus is the leader in vehicle armored technology, Any variation of Cognoscenti is also accepted, and is not limited to the 55 series.


Accepted Vehicles

For Ranks below LT. on the Social Club.


Cheapest car available the reassembles a ricer, this is the encouraged vehicle for those who cannot afford more expensive cars.

The Sultan RS is the featured Triad Vehicle, and preferred by most Chinese in Los Santos. This vehicle truly represents the Cheng Triads like no other. All ranks below LT. that can afford it should have one, and ride it when possible.

Sultan RS


Not being a LT. does not mean you have to become a bullet shield for ranks above you. The Karin Kuruma is the preferred armored vehicle for ranks below LT. It offers great armor ratings and it handles well on the road.


If you did not buy the driver separately when considering the Super Diamond, this one does not require one. And will always yell the fact that you are a CEO and that you possess lots of wealth.

Super Diamond

There is nothing above Enus, and there is nothing that shows Mafia, as much as a Super Diamond, this is the vehicle of choice for wealthy CEO's when being driven around Los Santos. (Driver sold separately)

German Engineering at its finest, The Benefactor V12 is the chosen armored vehicle for Lt. Ranks or above. There is nothing to be said about this car besides that is fast, reliable, and bulletproof.


For Lt. Ranks and above.

Accepted Vehicles


If you are broke, but like to ride in elegance, there is no better way to impress than to drive a Benefactor, It turns heads, it drives nice, and it looks elegant. This is the vehicle of choice for members below Lt. Rank that seek elegance.

Some people simply prefer two wheels instead of four. The Shitzu Hakuchou is the bike of choice by the Triads. The Cheng are specially fond of this bike when is in red color.


5.You must not kill another Triad brother under any circumstance unless is by accident or playing in a competitive match.

4.You are required to remain active at least once every week, unless you excuse yourself through a message.

3.You must not change your Cheng Triads crew active status to any other crew under any circumstance.

2.You are required to set the Cheng Triads as your active crew and never leave the crew, if so you acknowledge a life of misfortune onto you due to breaking this covenant.

1.You must follow every rule, this is a brotherhood not meant for every player, and those that find themselves in this crew are honorable because of the integrity of this crew.

6. You must be discrete about the crew’s business, and you should not start drama with your brothers, you should be forgiving to those within this brotherhood.

7. You must defend other brothers over your own life if necessary, so that their families do not have to mourn over their dead bodies.

8.You must ensure to bring fortune to both the crew and your brothers by promoting the crew to those you think are worthy. This crew is a brotherhood; those in it will not bring initiates that will jeopardize the peace within the crew.

9. You must sign an oath of blood that you will never betray your brothers, and that this brotherhood is your new reason for living in the GTA V Realm.

10. Every member must read and accept these 10 oaths before entering the Cheng Triads.

Crew Colors

Our Secondary Color is Pitch Black, it represents death.

Our Primary Color is "Cheng" Red, it represents luck.


Q: Do I have to be Asian?

A: Don't be silly.

Q: Does my character have to be Asian?

A: It is not a requirement, but it is definitively a plus, you will be complemented for looking more Asian since this is an Asian crew after all.

Q: What is the main purpose of this crew?
A: To replicate the traditional way of honor, the main objective is to create a brotherhood that follows tradition.

Q: Can spik in ma engrish/chanese ackcent!
A: Excellent, if you have one or would like to roleplay you are more than welcome to, you will not be mocked if your accent is not that great.

Q: I did the ceremony, now what?
A: If you completed both requirements to join add Fu Heng in Social Club or send him a message.

Q: What will get me kicked?
A: Usually a high hierarchy officer will always be in a match, given that we strongly pack members together and are handpicked. For this reason if a member utterly disobeys any of the 10 oaths they will be given several warnings before removal. The issue has to be very evident. If there are multiple witnesses the issue will be resolved quickly with a kick, you will have one chance to correct the behavior and appeal.

Q: How active are you guys?
A: We are very active, mostly on PC (about 10 members on average connected at all times, 8:00 PM PST is our prime).

Q: How do I submit a kinship request and what do I need?
A: We have discontinued Kinship cards.

Q: How do I earn a last name Cheng?
A: If your character is of Asian descent you will be given the option to be included as part of the family tree, you will be asked to create a nickname that has the last name "Cheng" included to it, be sure before you pick to see if that name has already been taken. If your character is not of Asian decent you will be given two options, either family "Adoption" (if you prefer another last name and your character is Asian, or if you are not Asian), or "Gun for Hire" If you will be working with us without any relationship to the Cheng family. Your Blood Relation determines whether you will be able to succeed an important figure within the crew such as Dragon Head.

Q: I like the artwork found in your website, where did you get it from?
A: All artwork found within this website is original. Everything except for a few assets which are public domain have been drawn from ground up or completely reworked or edited.

Q: I want to leave the Cheng Triads for X reason?
A: You made a 10 oath covenant once you were initiated, if you cannot take a simple task seriously we cannot take you seriously either. Our allies respect us and love us for our dedication to follow our own covenants and rules, upon leaving, all of our allies will be informed of your deception. If you have a kinship card you will receive the status “Deceased” which means you are now dead for our crew and our allies. We cannot resuscitate the dead, we are not necromancers, so once you decide to leave, it will be permanent. You are a free man and can do what you like, but deserters are usually not welcomed back unless there is a huge reason behind it.

Q: I like your crew emblem, can we use it for our website?
A: Our crew logo is original artwork held by international copyright laws. Only crews that are allied to the Cheng Triads, and that are Triads themselves may use the logo built in the Social Club Emblem Creator, all content explicitly copied without previous authorization will be reported to Rockstar’s Administrators, in which case it will be removed. Infringement users may face consequences such as account removals. We will first ask nicely to remove the copied content before any further proceedings. Our crew logo is based on the actual triads logo, which is part of the public domain and does not belong to anyone in particular, such logo is free to use, our logo however is built from scratch and it is not an exact replica of this logo. Issues such as these can be prevented if enough communication is given, we are lenient and will not diminish the opportunity for other groups to enjoy our assets so long they are allied with us.

Q: I have a question not found here?
A: You are more than welcome to ask Fu Heng (Alias _TheProfessional) and he will post your question along with an answer in this page, notice that stupid questions will most likely not be posted here, but if it is a topic of interest, it is most likely that another member might have the same question.